Lubna Abdel Aziz

Art is one of the vital means used in community development, especially for children.

Salwa is a Nubian woman who seeks to resurrect a craft that – like many other Egyptian crafts- is facing extinction. This craft, which is considered one of the most famous Egyptian and Nubian crafts, is Wicker and embroidery.

Reem El-Morshedy is the first woman to have a sausage and liver street vending cart.

Fagr El Tanweer aims to create informative, genuine and meaningful life opportunities for people with visual disabilities by offering them the needed skills for the labor market, thus giving them the chance to have beneficial roles in the society.

Determination and Success
Eng. Mogy did not look back, after researching and attending lots of conferences about Jojoba, he decided to go back to Egypt and invest in this new tree.

Abdel Hay Atteya - is a sixty years old parent, started his career when he was fifteen.
Talented Calligraphic artisan (handwriting) as well as painting on pottery and porcelain.

Mustafa Naguib - a graduate of Computer and Information Engineering Batch 2011, he converted his idea to reality and starts of his own project.