Zee3 Enta

"Zee3 Enta" The Voice of the People

‘Zee3 Enta’, or ‘You Air’, is a booth produced to make the Egyptians hear and see each other’s views in an informal way. Its purpose is to make people relate to each other more and encourage one another to come experience this new place where they can be the host, guest, director and editor of their own show.
In ‘Zee3 Enta’, all social classes are meant to express themselves, all religions, all genders as well as all talents. As you can see, our booth looks a bit weird. It’s supposed to look like a jail where people could overcome the bars and learn to speak out. Concerning its size, it was the founders intention to build it as small as it is, so it would be easy to move around the country.
Sherif Hossny, one of the co-founders of PMC Egypt came up with the idea. The main concern of the channel is to change the prospective of media in Egypt.
PMC Egypt started in August 2010, a group of talented amateurs and youth who wanted to produce social-ads so they can help in raising awareness. They have only recently to expand their projects. Because of financial reasons, given that it’s not that easy to own a TV channel. But if you believe your voice is free, you’ll always find a way to raise it. YouTube was merely the easiest and budget-friendly way at the time. In addition, online media is becoming much more credible than the official media, especially after the revolution.
The show covers the financial needs through the co-founders of PMC Egypt, Sherif Hossny and Marwan Youness  whose responsible for any financial requirements. But as a team, the main concern is calling for change, they are very supportive. With the contribution of each and every person in the team, everyone always tries to provide any personal help as much as possible and it has been one of the main reasons of the channel’s success.
“ What a feeling it would be to keep dreaming for a better Egypt! We’ll keep raising the awareness Egypt needs and the platform through which their voices can be heard the way it should be. Producing social awareness campaigns and talk shows were only a step forward, but expanding the production to any other type of videos will never be impossible if we are set and have started to get recognition and are the reason for change”     PMC Team

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