Defied The Rigors of The Desert by Fun Sport

“Sandboarding”, the new trendy fun sport, is getting popular among Egyptian youth, and is also now being added to the “must try” list for tourists.
Karim is the young engineer who started sandboarding in Egypt.

“I went to Europe in winter once, tried the snow skiing, found it amazing & really enjoyed it. When I returned, I asked myself: Why not skiing in Egypt?

Karim thought that ice skiing and sandboarding are quite similar. Well at least both share the same concept which is skating. But the climate, environment and the skating surface are totally different. In 2007, Karim went to the desert and tried to make his first ski, but the first trial turned to be a total mess.
“I used the standard iron board used in snowboarding but I couldn't move smoothly, the board kept sinking inside the sand. However, I didn’t give up and after a few trials in the carpentering workshop owned by my family, I finally managed to fabricate the suitable wooden boards. This time was a success and I finally was able to fly over the sand”
Sand boards need very soft sand dunes to perform smoothly “I used to travel in safaris with my family since I was a kid, so I already knew dunes locations in Egypt. The nearest one is (Al Qataneya) which lies 70 km far from Cairo, in the Wahat Road. There are also many suitable places like Siwa, Fayooom and Wadi El Hitan. They are remarkable sites to discover and have some skiing as well.”
After the successful experience, Karim started to ski in the desert with his friends. Then he decided to expand his activity and share this fun sport with more people. “I created a Facebook group in March 2008, lots of people joined and liked the idea.”
“The first event I organized was held in August, 40 boys and girls participated, everyone was thrilled by the new dynamic, energetic experience, for their first time they were able to view the desert as a fun place where they renew their energy. They enjoyed Egypt’s natural charming atmosphere and saw the wild desert from a totally different angle. Since then, many groups participated in sandboarding trips every one or two weeks”
In June 2008, the first Egyptian sandboarding team “Dune Raider” was established totally self-funded by Karim. Dune Raider traveled to watch and learn from professional sandboarders abroad. They also invited the sandboarding world champion to Egypt to teach them and others. Dune Raider aimed to carry out events every week and introduce sandboarding to the Egyptian youth with the aim of placing the sport on the touristic activities map.
Karim built his own team to teach sand boarding, moreover he organized the first sand boarding challenge in Egypt. Nowadays lots of people know about sandboarding and thousands from different ages enjoy such sport every month.
After five years of experience in organizing entertainment events mid 2012, the entrepreneur experience became known as “Funlozia”, the newly founded entertainment solutions company, specialized in sandboarding, Safari and team building events in Egypt and also abroad.

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