Unusual Egypt

"Egypt as never seen before" Unusual Egypt - Injaz Egypt award winning project

In October 2010 the idea of Unusual Egypt sparked; the idea was powered by Mohamed Ramadan the founder of Unusual Egypt. By this time Mohamed Yasser, Heba el Dally, Mahmoud Reda and Hadir Gaber joined Mohamed ramadan and started with the founder to build the team who will work on the idea development and will participate with the project into the competition organized by Injaz Egypt for the creative ideas.
The idea was to develop a guide for the non-traditional tourist places in Egypt and change the traditional view of tourism in Egypt and to contribute in making the visit to Egypt a unique experience and great for tourists aiming to give the tourists a chance to have a unique experience of living like an Egyptian!
But once the studies on the idea started and especially after the Egyptian revolution the team realized the uprising and speed growing interest in the Internet; and thinks it is better to develop a website to present Egypt in a new way and in line with the theme idea, "Egypt as never seen before."
Unusual student team at this time, participated in the competition of Injaz Egypt and were selected from the 35 best ideas  then of ​​ 20  best ideas then arriving for the final stage and has been selected  among the best 10 creative ideas and won Mobinil award in the competition.
At this moment Unusual Egypt became a real business company and pursuit the legal establishment of a real entrepreneurship.
The date February 2012 was the birth date of Unusual Egypt Company legally, since then the team started to enhance and amend their project to be presented in a creative and different manner.

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