Saving the environment through recycling

Waste management and recycling mechanisms have always received a lack of serious attention in Egypt. In a bid to tackle this problem, “Location view”, a project by Ahmed Hussein, has emerged seeking not only to raise awareness about the issue, but also to promote solutions to improve the environment through turning old used materials into new ones that we can all benefit from.

Hussein expressed his dissatisfaction regarding Egypt’s waste exports to China, the world’s largest importer of recyclables.
He said that we supply China with wastes which we re import as goods and products, and this could actually be easily done by Egyptians.

For this reason, Hussein collaborates with a number of individuals and craftsmen to produce handicrafts from the old used materials.

“I used some of the old materials to make a 6-meter-long statue,” said metal works technician, Ibrahim Saleh.

The statue won the best project in an international handicrafts exhibition.

Hussein added that he hopes that the culture of the people will change and that the energy of youth will be used, so that beauty and creativity will prevail in all parts of Egypt.

Location View
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