The Egyptian Inventor of Mines Sweeping Robot

Mahmoud el Bazz – Egyptian inventor earned the golden and the silver medallions in Global Competition Of 2012 Korea Cyber International Genius Inventor Fair (CIGIF 2010)

The elimination of the mine, until this moment, depends on the traditional and known methods, as the radar sensor and then removing the mine manually and other methods that do not do any good, especially in areas where there are mines in large numbers, such as Egypt, which occupies the largest share in the number of mines, as there is in Egypt alone, more than 23 million land mines, so it was necessary to think of an innovative solution to eliminate this problem and not only that, but the availability of specific elements and distinct criteria to serve as a truly innovative idea and they are three criteria, time standard, effectiveness standard and the protection of the human race standard.
Brief Description for the idea of this innovation:
This innovation depends on a new design for a remote controlled hydraulic mechanic machine, this machine operates with a specific method depending on the centrifugal force and others of mechanisms to implement the required purpose which is removing mines in the area needed to be cleared … so, let's talk more about the criteria mentioned above:
First - the standard of time:
What distinguishes this machine is that its design and how this machine is working allow it to wipe and cleanse the presence of mines in a record time compared to all that have been discovered or designed so far as this hydro mechanical machine can cleanse minefield area of 1 km square in a time of almost 7 hours and this time can be reduced with a certain method, and this is what distinguishes this machine from other designed ones.
Secondly - the standard of effectiveness:
The design of this machine is harmonious and consistent that it has some benefits through a monochrome design that does not have a great deal of complexity to achieve smoothness in movement, work, and performance, so this design comes to provide the effectiveness element which clears and cleans every inch of the land twice at the same time and not once, which increases the level of efficiency and make sure that every inch is free from mines.

Thirdly - the standard of the protection of the human race:
It is one of the important criteria, as this machine does not need a person inside, during its operation, to move it, the machine can be remote controlled by a remote control especially because there is not any degree of complexity to activate it, and that is to care for and ensure the life of any human being.
The work plan of this machine:
The cost of producing this machine is not compared with what is happening and exists now; this machine is too cheap compared to the benefit of its revenue, where according to global reports, the cost of removing one mine is from 300 to 1000 US Dollars, and this is a very huge cost compared to the machine (the subject of the research).

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